Journée d'étude, 28 janvier 2022

The translation experience of a feminist activist in Mexico

Argelia Peña Aguilar
Quelle(s) place(s) pour la traduction féministe? Nouvelles voix/voies de recherche en collaboration, événement organisé par Aileen Ruane et Sherry Simon

This presentation is the partial result of a bigger research project designed to identify the level of development of feminist translation in Mexico. One of the main aspects to explore was the praxis of feminist translation in the literary field which led to carry out a survey among women translators who identify as feminists. This study is currently in progress and interviews are being conducted, however, this paper is focused on one of the participants due to her activist background and staunch feminism. We will explore her perceptions of this field and will outline the experience she reports in terms of the handling of texts, inclusive language politics, her ethics for translation and translation as a form of activism.

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