Colloque, 29 avril 2016

Co-creation and collaboration in the public art work of “Narratives in Space + Time”

Mary Elizabeth Luka
Narrations contemporaines: écrans, médias et documents, événement organisé par Leverhulme International Network for Contemporary Studies et Chaire de recherche du Canada sur les arts et la littérature numériques ALN

As a member of a tightly-knit artist group that presents & documents narrative-based public art walks & through digital mapping, I recognize the complex nature of the concept of collaboration, and its reliance on related concepts such as “co-creation”, “narrowcast audiences” and “creative citizenship”.

We aim to facilitate co-creation of meaningful content with other artists & the public, resisting scripting these collaborations.

What works? What doesn’t? How do we know?

Dr. Luka’s academic research focuses on the concept of creative citizenship to investigate how civic, culture and business sectors are networked in the digital age, including the intricate ways that governments, universities, corporations and socio-cultural enterprises connect.
The concept of creative citizenship established by her previous research helps analyse cultural industries, creative labour policy and practices, and encourages original forms and expressions of artistic practice.

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