Colloque, 28 avril 2017

Undead and Undying: the Eternal Among Us

Maureen-Claude Laperrière
Figures de l’immortel(le), événement organisé par Sophie Horth, Marie Levesque et Revue Post-scriptum

«Nothing we do, think or feel and transmit in our publications is for naught.

Ours, however, is a satisfaction that, more often than not, will come at a latter date. We must carry proudly our standard of the immortal, of the undead, knowing that our craft, which is our vehicle for our ideas and contributions to this life, is far from an eerie, insubstantial nuage à être pelleté.

Our figure of the immortal, of the undead, is indeed the ghost of everything that is or was alive. Stand out and be counted it must, because right now boys and girls, there are an awful lot of zombies we need to fight.»

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