Colloque, 28 septembre 2018

Elastic spaces: archaeologies and practices of image, space and body

Leila Sujir
Paul Landon
Cybercorporéités: subjectivités nomades en contexte numérique, événement organisé par Isabelle Choinière, Anne-Laure Fortin-Tournès, Anaïs Guilet et Joanne Lalonde

Elastic spaces is a research project that explores media art practices that relate to human movement focusing on the relationship between the body and apparatuses of the moving image. The research project considers contemporary and future practices while reflecting on histories of technical and aesthetic developments, looking at digital and lens-based technologies and architectures of both the stereoscopic and the two-dimensional moving image. The aim of this exploration is to identify and define the shifting relationships between spatiotemporal illusion of the moving image and corporeal perceptions of architectural space, relationships that are influenced by what is shown on the screen, the space the screen occupies and the human bodies sharing that space.


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