Movement Computation and Affect

Friday 28 September 2018


Présentation de la communication

Movement Signal Processing and Movement Computing are emerging research areas in human computer interaction. I will introduce recent advances in the field through a number of projects from the Metacreation Lab ( and the Moving Stories ( research effort. I will present a series of Movement Computing Tools such as the Movement Database (MODA), the Movement Visualisation tool (MOVA), and the Movement Comparison tool (MOCOMP). I will then present fundamental empirical results that answer positively to the questions: Can human perceive the affect of a mover simply by observation of the body movement (no facial expression)? Can a machine recognize the affect of a human mover with human-competitive accuracy? Can machine learn the movement style of a given mover? Can we generate new movement based on this computational model? Can we train a virtual avatar to dance on any music?


Archive vidéo de la communication

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