Université Paris 8

Davidson, Andrea

Andrea Davidson holds a PhD in the Aesthetics, Philosophy and Technology of the Arts from Université Paris 8 where she taught Screendance and Dance and New Media (1999-2008), also participating in laboratories devoted to the Aesthetics of Interactivity and Digital Art at Paris 8 and co-creating the laboratory MédiaDanse, developing a curriculum of 8 modules in Art and Technology. Author of Bains Numériques #1: Danse et nouvelles technologies (2007) and numerous articles on dance and new media, she co-edited a special edition of Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices following the Somatics and Technology conference she organized at the University of Chichester (2012). Other publications include chapters in The Oxford Handbook of Screendance Studies, Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices nos. 8.1 and 5.1, Revista Repertório, Brazil, and Éditions Archée, Québec. An award-winning choreographer-videographer-new media artist, she received the UNESCO Grand Prix International Videodanse, Jury Prize of the Festival Napolidanza and Prix de l'Écriture Multimédia Fondation Beaumarchais.

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